COS Racing

Colorado Springs' PREMIER cycling team

As a tax-exempt non-profit corporation, COS Racing receives donations and sponsorship from community organizations interested in sponsoring Colorado Springs' most significant and active community cycling organization.  We aim to promote bike racing and similar outdoor activities nationally, regionally, and locally. 


Sponsorship is a crucial source of revenue for COS Racing, helping us fund our operations and activities. Common types of  team sponsorships that we accept are:

1. Jersey Sponsorship:  Sponsors often pay to have their logos featured prominently on our race kit. This is one of the most visible and common forms of sponsorship.

2. Official Team Supplier:  Sponsors may become the official supplier of specific products or services to COS Racing. This could include equipment, apparel, or bike service.

3. Digital and Social Media Sponsorship: Sponsors may pay or provide goods & services to have their logos or advertisements featured on our website, social media profiles, or in digital content such as videos and podcasts.

4. Event Sponsorship: Sponsors can contribute to specific events organized by COS Racing, such as bike races or community outreach programs. Historically, COS Racing has hosted the Colorado State Masters Road Race Championships in Colorado Springs.

5. Coaching Sponsorship:  Companies may provide free or discounted coaching services.

6. Health and Wellness Sponsorship: Health and wellness industry companies may sponsor a team to promote their products or services related to fitness, nutrition, or medical support.

7. Donation: Sponsors can also provide donations to support team activities to support our public support of bike racing.

To sponsor and/or donate, please feel free to leave your information below.  Our sponsorship coordinator will contact you with further details.

COS RACING is a tax-exempt 501c(3) non-profit corporation (Entity ID #20141613748). All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.


2024 Donation goal

Collected: $750.00
Goal: $8,000.00
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